Quantum Question

Enter two choices in the fields below. Click on ‘Choose’, and be prepared to perform the choice that is chosen for you.


What Is This?

The above choice is made by a “Quantum Random Number Generator” from quantumnumbers.anu.edu.au. According to the Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, there is no wave function collapse, but instead every possible quantum position is a reality in a specific universe. This means that ‘Choice A’ is given to you in one universe, and ‘Choice B’ in another universe.
If you let your actions be determined by the result above, there is another universe where ‘you’ take the other choice. For more information, I suggest the wikipedia page, this video or the science-fiction story Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom by Ted Chiang. You do not need to take this too seriously.

The quantum observations are delivered by ANU, their project and API make this website possible.
Your choices never leave this device, and are only seen by you and everyone next to you.

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